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Tyler James - Crazy
Jake Pyeatt - Stay
Record Producer - Fort Worth, Texas
Producer - Fort Worth, Texas
Audio Engineer - Fort Worth, Texas
Music Production - Fort Worth, Texas
Mix Engineer - Fort Worth, Texas
Musician - Fort Worth, Texas




Jordan O'Leary is an award-winning music producer, mix engineer, and studio drummer based in Fort Worth, Texas. His work has been described as punchy, tight, polished, and phenomenal, evidence that he brings his musicianship knowledge into his records. Jordan has certainly made his impression on the Texas music scene, recently winning an Album of the Year award from the Academy of Western Artists for his work with Steve Griggs.

One of Jordan's greatest talents lies in his ability to work and communicate well. His subtle confidence and passion for creativity is known for putting an artist at ease while he brings out the best in them and in their music. He believes the production is secondary, but has the ability to make a great song even greater. His insightful sense of what is classically modern, memorable, and tastefully provocative, challenges the artist to come out of their comfort zone and opens the doors to creativity.

With Jordan, recording is always an experience, both personally and professionally. And something that every artist should experience.


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