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jordan o'leary



Jordan graduated from the University of North Texas and Berklee College of Music, majoring in business management and music production & technology. Through over 10 years of professional experience, Jordan's work has been nominated for the Academy of Western Artists Awards and won a "Best of Denton 2013" award, and he has helped several artists achieve record deals.


Jordan's subtle confidence and passion for creativity is known for putting an artist at ease while he brings out the best in them and in their music. His insightful sense of what is classically modern, memorable, and tastefully provocative, challenges the artist to come out of their comfort zone and opens the doors to creativity.


With Jordan, recording is always an experience, both personally and professionally. And something that every artist should experience.


Jordan's work has been described as punchy, tight, polished, and phenomenal, evidence that he brings his musicianship knowledge into his records. His desire to grow and to learn is constant, making every project he touches relevant and refreshing.



Every musician, artist, band, and music industry professional that has worked with Jordan continually rely on him to serve their needs, knowing that they will get more than what they bargained for. For many, Jordan has become a consistent call and is kept on speed dial and is an essential service to their businesses.

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